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ABSTRACT A study was conducted on the effect of 4 atomic percent rhenium mechanical properties of hafnium carbide strengthened tungsten-base alloys. strengthening from HfC and improved low temperature bend ductility from the rhenium addition could be combined without detrimental interaction. Maximum strength alloys contained 0.3 to 0.4 mol percent hafnium carbide.

Tungsten-rhenium suture needles with improved properties for coronary artery bypass graft surgery J Biomed Mater Res B Appl Biomater . 2010 Aug;94(2):493-500. doi: 10.1002/jbm.b.31661.

solid solutions, tungsten was substituted for rhenium at concentrations in the range of 0.5−48.0 atom % such that the total M:B ratio was maintained. The slight excess of boron is required to counteract its evaporation during the process of arc melting and to prevent the formation of lower borides of tungsten. Each mixture was consolidated

Rhenium-188 Labeled Tungsten Disulfide Nanoflakes for Self-Sensitized, Near-Infrared Enhanced Radioisotope Therapy Small. 2016 Aug;12(29):3967-75. doi: 10.1002/smll.201601375. Epub 2016 Jun 27. Authors Yu Chao 1 ...

Global Tungsten and Powders (GTP), a subsidiary of the Plansee Group, discontinued the manufacture of its tungsten and rhenium wire products in February 2013. Specifically, tungsten 3% rhenium wire is used in multiple vacuum electronic devices (VEDs) that …

Rhenium improves the properties of tungsten. Tungsten-rhenium alloys are more ductile at low temperature, allowing them to be more easily machined. The high-temperature stability is also improved. The effect increases with the rhenium concentration, and therefore tungsten alloys are produced with up to 27% of Re, which is the solubility limit.

Tungsten-rhenium alloy x-ray tube. The conical disk in this sample is a heavy slab of tungsten-rhenium alloy. The structure above holds a filament that releases electrons, which are accelerated with a high voltage to strike the tungsten-rhenium disk, generating x-rays when they strike.

Tungsten Rhenium is one of numerous metal alloys sold by American Elements under the trade name AE Alloys™. Generally immediately available in most volumes, AE Alloys™ are available as bar, Ingot, ribbon, wire, shot, sheet, and foil. Ultra high purity and high purity forms also include metal powder, submicron powder and nanoscale, targets ...

A tungsten-rhenium (W-Re) classical interatomic potential is developed within the embedded atom method interaction framework. A force-matching method is employed to fit the potential to ab initio forces, energies, and stresses. Simulated annealing is combined with the conjugate gradient technique to search for an optimum potential from over 1000 initial trial sets.

Tungsten-Rhenium Wire. The unique properties of tungsten are further enhanced in our tungsten-rhenium wire. Already tungsten wire is a high strength wire and by alloying tungsten with rhenium the strength will be further improved. This is for example a suitable characteristic where the wire dimension has to be the smallest possible in ...

Tungsten-Rhenium Wire is a staple in thermocouples and electronics products. All Wire compositions are available in a full range of sizes (as small as .001") to meet your requirements. Tungsten ROD. Refractory metal Tungsten rod (bar) products are available in a broad range of sizes (up to 6" in diameter) and customized solutions.

In the present work, Rhenium is added to tungsten heavy alloys sintered with spark plasma sintering as most of the previous research is done using liquid phase sintering. The influence of the rhenium on the properties of tungsten-nickel-ferrous heavy alloy is important.

costly, tungsten-rhenium alloys. Pugh et al. (ref. 5) have demonstrated that this is the case with fine wire of doped tungsten made by powder metallurgy techniques. In a pre-vious study (ref. 6), room-temperature bend ductility in worked sheet fabricated from electron-beam-melted tungsten alloys with 2 and 6 percent rhenium was observed.

Density of Tungsten-Rhenium Alloy. Typical densities of various substances are at atmospheric pressure. Density is defined as the mass per unit volume.It is an intensive property, which is mathematically defined as mass divided by volume: ρ = m/V In words, the density (ρ) of a substance is the total mass (m) of that substance divided by the total volume (V) occupied by that substance.

Rhenium is named for the Rhine River (Rhenus being Latin for Rhine) and is one of the rarest elements in the Earth with an estimated 1 part per billion. Of all the elements, rhenium element has the third highest melting point (behind only tungsten and carbon) as well as the fourth most dense (behind platinum, iridium and osmium).

Yielding and fracture in tungsten and tungsten-rhenium alloys. J. Less-Common Metals, 17 (1969), pp. 133-149. Article Download PDF View Record in Scopus Google Scholar. W.D. Klopp. Review of ductilizing of group VIA elements by rhenium and …

Tungsten (W) Regular price $22.95. Rhenium (Re) Regular price $265.00. Cobalt (Co) Regular price $32.95. Ruthenium (Ru) Regular price $965.00 Sold out. OsmIridium Crystals. Regular price $1,920.00. Hafnium (Hf) ... especially with the Rhenium ingots, which are very attractive objects indeed. Your company is doing a real service to both element ...

In this study, we have used gamma spectroscopy to identify the present radionuclides and synchrotron X-rays as an element-specific probe to characterize the impurity element rhenium in tungsten, irradiated 12 years ago at SINQ to 3.5 dpa using a mixed spectrum with high-energy protons and spallation neutrons.

A study was made of the mechanical properties of vacuum arc-melted tungsten and tungsten-rhenium alloys in the temperature range 77O to 810' K. The ductile-brittle transition temperature of the unalloyed recrystallized tungsten prepared for this study was 490' K and was reduced to 430' and 350' K by additions of 2 and 25 percent rhenium

About 3% Rhenium/97% Tungsten Wire The development of 3% rhenium/97% tungsten wire is a result of a continuous research effort that has been conducted since the early 1900's. One of the first accomplishments of this research was a non-sag grade of tungsten wire, which used grain growth controlling additives to modify the recrystallized structure. The tungsten-rhenium […]

Rhenium Alloys is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Copper-Tungsten plate, sheet and foil. One source, superior quality and the expertise to meet the growing demands in high performance high temperature materials.

Historically, tungsten-25wt.% rhenium alloy has been manufactured into wire for the thermocouple market, but recent demands for high-temperature structural components have forced the development of novel processing techniques for tungsten-rhenium and tungsten-rhenium with hafnium carbide. With a melting temperature of 3,050°C, and a recrystallization temperature near 1,900°C, tungsten ...

Tungsten Rhenium Alloy Wire Description. Tungsten rhenium alloy wire belongs to refractory materials and has good ductility and strength.Tungsten rhenium alloys have a high melting point of 3050 °C and a high temperature of recrystallization of 1900 °C which makes it been used in aerospace and temperature measuring applications.

Tungsten-Rhenium Wire has a density almost equal to Tungsten Wire, and is commonly used in thermocouples and electronics products. Our Rhenium Wire is 99.99% pure and has high strength and excellent ductility. Molybdenum-47.5%-Rhenium Wire is used in welding, electronics and wire mesh grids for the space industries.

1. The W-Re equilibrium diagram has been constructed [Figure 6]. 2. Addition of Re to tungsten raised the temperature of incipient recrystallization of tungsten VCh wire by 200–400°C, depending on the rhenium content. 3. Rhenium improved the strength and ductility of tungsten in the 20–3000°C range. 4. W-Re wire developed a high strength and ductility after annealing at 1400–1950°C ...

W-3Re W-5Re Rhenium Tungsten Pin Tungsten Rhenium Probe Wire Diameter 0.1mm. material: tungsten rhenium alloy. type: W-3Re, W-5Re. diameter: 0.3mm, 0.5mm. Product Name: Tungsten Rhenium Probe Wire. 19.24 Gm/ Cm3 Rhenium Tungsten Probe Wire, Customized Size Rhenium Alloys. material: tungsten rhenium alloy.

1.Description Tungsten-rhenium thermocouple is the highest temperature measurement thermocouple. Mainly applied for vacuum,H2 and inert gas protection environment,the maximum using temperature up to 2300 ℃ .

Tungsten Rhenium Alloy. Tungsten can be added 3%, 5%, 25% and 26% of rhenium to form tungsten rhenium alloy for used in the electronics industry, nuclear industry and aerospace industries. Rhenium into tungsten or molybdenum respectively,W-Re alloy and Mo-Re alloy are formed.

Rhenium, Re 25% 25% Tungsten, W 75% 75% W-26 Re Tungsten-Rhenium Alloy | MECHANICAL AND PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Metric English Physical Properties Density 19.7 g/cc 0.712 lb/in³ Mechanical Properties Tensile Strength, Ultimate 1517 MPa 220000 psi Elongation at Break 10% 10% Thermal Properties Melting Point 3120 °C 5650 °F

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