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Scenario C: The plant has fixed costs of $1,000,000, an average variable cost of $50 per ton and an average sale price of $65 per ton. To return $250,000 profit, the plant needs to make 83,333 tons. The relationship between the three scenarios in how the dollars or per-ton amounts vary are critical to understanding what the right model is for ...

The average price of good quality asphalt is $85 to $150 per ton. Asphalt pricing fluctuates with the price of oil. Click to see full answer In respect to this, how much is a ton of asphalt cost? In terms of bulk price, asphalt is priced by the ton.

Asphalt & Fuel Index Asphalt Cement Price Index Payments under Section 109 "Monthly Asphalt Cement Price" on eligible projects will be made using the Georgia Base Asphalt Price.

How much does an asphalt driveway cost. The price of asphalt per weight ranges from around $80 to $200 per tonne. The price depends on your location, the quality of the asphalt you wish to purchase, and the current price of oil. As mentioned earlier, blacktop costs less than regular asphalt concrete because blacktop uses less bitumen in the mix.

The Asphalt Adjustment Cost is the method of price adjustment for increases and decreases associated with changes in the price of the performance-graded binder component of bituminous concrete mixtures hot-mix asphalt (HMA). Asphalt prices through the previous Friday are posted to the website by Wednesday of each week. Fuel Price Adjustment ...

assurance/testing cost per ton; -- Power/electricity cost per ton; and -- Other equipment (bins, loaders, etc.) cost per ton. Regarding total production cost per ton produced, all producers in the FMI database averaged $17.82 to produce a ton of hot-mix asphalt in 1995. This average compares to a total cost per ton to produce of $16.70 in 1994 ...

Asphalt Pricing & Plant Locations At Blythe Construction, Inc. FOB sales are a big part of who we are. We offer asphalt mixes that meet all NCDOT and SCDOT specifications. Our mixes have been designed and are produced to meet not only our needs but our private customers needs as well.

Asphalt costs $40 to $80 per ton on average. Asphalt prices vary depending on the mix and material ingredients. One ton of asphalt covers 30 to 80 square feet. A 2-car driveway needs 7.5 to 18 tons of asphalt, depending on the thickness. Asphalt cost per ton by material - chart Asphalt cost per cubic yard Asphalt costs $80 to $160 per cubic yard.

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February 2019 Cost $301.45 Liquid Ton January 2019 Cost $228.10 Liquid Ton: CDOT Asphalt Cost Adjustment Index (Monthly Average) 2014 Year Average for 2014 $410.65 December Cost $241.04 Liquid Ton November Cost $359.27 Liquid Ton October Cost $397.73 Liquid Ton September Cost $417.81 Liquid Ton August $413.76 Liquid Ton July $463.07 Liquid Ton

Graph and download economic data for Producer Price Index by Industry: Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing: Asphalt and Tar Paving Mixture (Excluding Liquid), Including Bitumen or Asphalt Concrete, Asphalt Paving Cement (PCU32412) from Dec 2004 to Sep 2021 about asphalt, cement, manufacturing, PPI, industry, inflation, price index, price, indexes, and USA.

The average price of good quality asphalt is $85 to $150 per ton. Asphalt pricing fluctuates with the price of oil. In respect to this, how much is a ton of asphalt cost? In terms of bulk price, asphalt is priced by the ton. One ton of asphalt covers about 80 square feet with 2 inches of material or 160 square feet with 1 inch of material.

This provision allows adjustments to be applied when the current cost of liquid asphalt exceeds +/- 5% of the Estimated base cost. This adjustment does not guarantee full compensation to the contractor, but does significantly reduce their risk. ... Reference cost ase Reference cost 1.05 TONS of x or HMA x 0.056 TONS of RS2 *x 0.65 - x urrent ...

The monthly average oil prices are in American dollars per short ton (2000 lbs). ACCA's Daily and Monthly Average Oil Prices. Monthly Asphalt Cement Cost Adjustment Worksheet to calculate the +/- 5% "trigger". August 1, 2015. These prices are to be used to calculate adjustments only on the pilot projects that contain the Asphalt Cost Adjustment ...

The selling price furnished from the Asphalt Weekly MonitorÃ' is based on a standard ton (US$/ST). The metric ton price is determined by applying a factor of 1.1023 to the standard ton, (US$/ST x 1.1023 = US$/mton). Example: $150.00/ton x 1.1023 = $165.34/mton.

The asphalt binder reference cost is established by WSDOT from the selling price of asphalt cement furnished by Poten and Partners, Inc. for the Pacific Northwest: Western reference cost is based on the selling price for the Seattle, Washington area Eastern reference cost …

This page provides asphalt prices used for calculating asphalt cement price adjustments if indicated in special provision subsection 00195.10. This page also provides fuel prices if indicated in special provision subsection 00195.11. Older reports are available upon request. Two asphalt cement ...

Recycled asphalt millings cost $12 to $32 per yard or $10 to $20 per ton. Asphalt millings for a 2-car driveway costs $60 to $240 without installation. A recycled asphalt driveway costs $2 to $5 per square foot or $1,200 to $3,600 installed. Crushed asphalt prices …

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Bitumen, also known as asphalt is a black, sticky, and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum. The most common use is in the road construction and waterproofing products. The contract size is 10 tons/lot. The 70# Class-A road bitumen is widely traded on the Shanghai Futures Exchange.

SP-12.5 / S-1. EZ Street Cold Asphalt Patch Bulk - $130.00 per ton. EZ Street 50 lb Bags - $16.00 each. Aggregate Materials. Crushed Asphalt Base (Milling) - $25.00 per ton. Crushcrete Base - $21.50 per ton. Limerock Base - $33.00 per ton. Granite Stone - $38.00 per ton. Screenings.

Prevailing Monthly Price for Asphalt A chart showing the price is available when visiting our site on a desktop computer Hover your mouse pointer over the chart to see the price for that point in time. Prevailing Monthly Price for Asphalt for November 2021 is: $526.67

Asphalt is a black, very sticky, and highly viscous liquid, or sometimes semi-solid, form of petroleum. It can be found in natural deposits, but is more often the result of refinement, and is classed as a pitch. Asphalt is highly recyclable, providing cost savings and environmental benefits.

The Asphalt Cement and Fuel Price Index reports the price per ton of liquid asphalt rose sharply from $332 in 2017 to $466 in 2020. Unfortunately, thanks to the unstable economy, sulphur fuel regulations, trade restrictions and the promise of more tariffs, construction industry experts predict the cost for raw materials like asphalt and ...

From January 2018 to this month, the price per ton of liquid asphalt, the black glue agent that gets mixed with rocks and sand to make hot-mix asphalt, went up $352.50 to $498.50. Download PDF

As the NCDOT Asphalt Index changes – up or down – on or about the 5th of each month, S.T. Wooten Corporation's prices will be adjusted to reflect the cost of asphalt cement. The following base prices (effective January 1, 2021) will be used to determine 2021 pricing. These prices are based on the December 2020 Index of $389.23 per ton.

asphaltindex.docx Page 2 of 4 Posting Date $/Ton Asphalt October 1, 2018 $523.50 September 3, 2018 $530.00 August 6, 2018 $520.00 July 2, 2018 $473.13

Due to the uncertainty of liquid asphalt, Portland cement, diesel fuel, gasoline, structural steel, and reinforcing steel prices, and in accordance with the requirements of M.G.L. c. 30, sec. 38A, MassDOT Highway Division uses special provisions on selected projects to make contract adjustments to account for the prices in effect at the time the work is performed.

For example, if the cost of aggregate is $10 per ton and the cost of liquid asphalt is $200 per ton, then a mix using 6% liquid asphalt would have a material cost of $21. As a guideline, fencing can cost $75 - $1200 per metre depending on the materials you choose. 14 Cold Mix Ton $ 80. 00 $ 69,890.


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